Providence Falls


When God suddenly starts talking to the coffee shop owners in Providence Falls, they follow the obscure, funny and awkward clues and the residents of a fading and dying town find purpose, joy and prosperity. After all, providence falls on everyone.

What would happen if God started talking to you?

Providence Falls is a small town resting on the shores of Fischer Lake in a lovely forested setting. The upscale vibe has faded away, families are moving out and jobs are hard to come by. The Fischer Gold Mine has closed and the residents haven't recognized the tourist potential.

After a tragic accident, Jonah and Mona Jacobs bought the only coffee shop in Providence Falls. You'd think it might be successful, but it's on its last legs. Mona's Mugs used to be a fun place to hang out, but somewhere along the way, all of the customers vanished.

Mona has shoved tasteless art into every corner of the coffee shop after taking one art class, where she hired Eddie Livingston, another student, to manage the store. Eddie creates a new menu requiring expensive supplies. When Mona realized that she hijacked the shop and squashed Jonah's vision, she bought him an emotional-support dog named Jiodee (pronounced G-O-D), a rescued, English Bull Dog that listens to anyone but Jonah.

Jonah needs revival. Mona's Mugs needs revival. Providence Falls needs revival.

EPISODE ONE: Mona's Mugs

Jonah runs into Silas Fischer while walking Jiodee. Silas is the last surviving member of Providence Falls' founding family and is totally unhindered by social norms. Most people think Silas is crazy, but to Jonah, Silas dispenses wise advice, no matter how crazy it seems.

Jonah is astonished at Silas' newest acquisition, a rotting, wooden, lobster boat. The over-sized boat is parked on an under-sized trailer next to the pier where Silas' bait and boat shop is located. When Jonah inquires as to why he'd want a lobster boat on a lake, Silas responds, “You never know when she might come in handy.” Silas salvages everything.

Mona's latest artwork, a life-sized statue vaguely resembling a mermaid, sits in the entry to the coffee shop when Jonah returns, much to his shock and dismay. Little 8-year-old Timothy rats on Jonah after he purposedly knocks the mermaid over, hoping to destroy it.

Jonah's daughter, Madison, and her band drag their equipment into the shop and set up for rehearsal. Jonah can't complain; there aren't any customers anyways. Meanwhile, his son, Addison, writes blogs eviscerating his family and the town.

Jonah discovers that Eddie ordered massive amounts of expensive, new supplies, just as his shop is about to go out of business. Eddie didn't know food comes in cases. Jonah has lost control of Mona's Mugs and needs a miracle to save it, or at least, find a way out.

Silas joins the chaos when he barges in, excited about the radio advertisement for the concert at Mona's Mugs that night. Nobody but Silas seems to have heard it... except for every other resident in Providence Falls. At least, his daughter's band is excited about it.

Everybody frantically tries not to disappoint customers again. Mona and Addison wait tables. Jonah and Silas accidentally break the lobster boat in half and drag it onto the patio; it makes the perfect stage for Madison's band

Skepticism is vanquished when the entire town turns up for Madison's gig. The band is actually extraordinarily talented. Eddie's new drinks are a hit and the shop is crowded for the first time in years. Mona's Mugs is saved... at least for now.

At the end of the night, Jonah hears the radio announcer say, “Jonah, I've done this all for you.” When he turns around, the only one near him is his dog. The radio isn't on. Jonah speaks directly to the audience and admits that he thinks he's lost his mind. In reality, it's his introduction to divine intervention.