Vinnie is a 12-year-old boy sent back to earth with an angel, 40 years after he was killed. He’s on a mission to help an old, homeless man reconcile the mistakes of his past, but the only one that can help him is the man who killed him.

The True Meaning of Sacrifice

Vinnie was 12 when his father was deployed to Vietnam and never returned. He and his best friend, Samantha, were at the wrong place at the right time when they witnessed a robbery. Vinnie and his dog were killed.

40 years later, God sends Vinnie back with his dog, Jake, on a mission to help an old man reconcile the mistakes of his past. Jake is an angel who takes on the form of Vinnie’s dog, but transforms into a warrior when things get tough.

A homeless matriarch learns that there’s more to Vinnie and Jake than meets the eye when she takes them under her wing. It doesn’t take long before Vinnie runs into Harry, the only person who can really help him, but Harry is the man who killed him.

Vinnie confronts Harry, only to realize that he is more dangerous than he thought. Vinnie has to figure out to get Harry to help him, but Harry intends to kill Vinnie… again. Now Jake has to step up and deal with Harry’s demons.

As Harry contends with his past, Vinnie struggles to stay alive and finally realizes that Harry needs to be forgiven. When Vinnie forgives Harry, he leads Vinnie to the old man he is looking for and meets his own father for the very first time.

Vinnie’s dad couldn’t cope with the PTSD and the effects of Agent Orange, so he assumed the identity of another soldier to avoid being dependent on his family. Vinnie reaffirms his love for his father and helps him reconcile with his mother. The family is reunited only for a brief moment, before Vinnie is called home again.