Pengzhou Panda


Centuries ago, ancient prophets spoke of an immortal one who will restore the lost treasures of China. Most people thought they were lost, but the great elders of China protect them and wait for them to be fulfilled… by a mighty panda with the royal mark of destiny.

Discovers His Destiny

After growing up in a private zoo at the estate of Baron Xioros, Panda’s memory is jogged by the arrival of a beautiful snow leopard. After a large earthquake, he escapes with the snow leopard and his best friend, a small rat named Andrew. But Panda's only food source is bamboo and he must find food to sustain himself.

Ironically, Panda and his two friends break into a zoo, because that is the only pace that they know that has fresh bamboo. The zookeeper recognizes the panda and snow leopard as belonging to the evil Baron and calls him to come gather his animals. Now they need to escape from a zoo for the second time.

Panda and his friends are captured by a notorious gang from the Chinese underground in San Francisco before the Baron could reclaim the animals. They are placed in cages and taken to an old warehouse in the middle of San Francisco's Chinatown.

Fortunately, the Chinese Elder in San Francisco’s Chinatown notices the animals as the villains unload their precious cargo. He sneaks into the warehouse late that night and helps Panda and his friends escape. They hide in an old Chinese theater, hoping that they can find a home for the young animals.

The Elder recognizes the unique band of spotted fur around Pengzhou’s neck as potentially being the Mark of Destiny that is spoken of in the ancient prophecies. Panda and his friends learn that he may be destined to fulfill the ancient prophecy.

But their escape didn't go unnoticed. The little rats who live in the warehouse notify the villains that the panda bear and snow leopard are at the Chinese theater.

The Elder knows that the panda must be tested. He also realizes that these animals are not safe with him. Together with his friends, Pengzhou Panda is about to embark on a journey to rediscover his heritage, and in the process, discover his destiny.