Blending the Old and the New

the Old
and the

The legend of Bikavér wine dates back to the Ottoman Empire's invasion of Hungary and the historic Siege of Eger in 1552. Hungarian wine makers still produce Bikavér wine, blending traditional and modern wine making techniques.

Bikavér Wine

The Blending the Old and the New documentary will explore the history of winemaking families who have been vinters in the Eger region and producing Egri Bikavér for generations by blending traditional Hungarian winemaking practices with modern technologies. The film emphasizes the importance of preserving traditions while utilizing current technologies available to a new generation of winemakers.

The film will include on-camera interviews, re-enactments, wine-tasting commentary and a narrative describing the families' history, the winemaking process and how this classic wine came to be known as it is today. For creative and financial reasons, it is our intent to produce this film in Hungary.

Blending the Old and the New is relevant to today’s audience because the origin of the story takes place during the Ottoman Empire’s invasion of Europe. For centuries, Hungary has been fighting to defend the underlying philosophical beliefs of Western Civilization, which are once again being threatened. Because the historical backdrop of Blending the Old and the New is timely, and the fact that wine has become an ever increasingly popular subject, this documentary has the unique potential to appeal to a wide demographic.